Friday, May 22, 2015

Never give up, never surrender.

I'll never surrender, forever fighting til the end. Life often buries my face in the dirt, 
yet I stand to my feet and try again.

At times the world is cold and harsh, things never seem to go the right way.
I must march out of the darkness and never again let myself fall astray. 

I'm far from perfect, so many bad choices I tend to repeat.
But continue with my head held high, for I will never accept defeat. 

Still the past memories and negativity slice through me, I lie bleeding with my 

fragile heart tossed upon the ground.
Somehow I must remain positive, keep in my mind the peace and faith I have found.

There has been far too many days lost by dwelling on the past.
Can't go back and change it, so I must make the most of life while it lasts. 

Will not lay in sorrow, no more desolation and despair. 
My parents by my side, like two angels giving me the strength to 

withstand the beating, take it all, grin and bear.

I can not surrender, I must be here for my love one everyday and give 

them everything that I possibly can.
To have love, trust, make them proud of me.

With these goals set that I must accomplish, never will I give up, I will always try.
I'll push through the agonizing pain to stand, never will I lay down and die.


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